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There is a grand awakening happening right now on our planet. But what does this really mean? Have we really been asleep? And if we are asleep how do we know if we’re asleep?

Furthermore, if you point out that others are asleep you’ll most likely be on the receiving end of some choice expletives and/or a physical altercation. A word to the wise, don’t try to wake others up by throwing cold water on their faces.

Wakey Wakey

First let’s look at the idea of awakening. Many view this as an insult as they interpret being asleep a question of intelligence. But, it has nothing to do with intelligence. Often it is the intellect itself which prevents us from opening our minds to alternate ways of thinking about our existence.

So awakening, therefore, is not so much about knowledge or learning new information, it’s about unlearning. It’s about breaking through the constraints of societal and religious propaganda which have been holding us back from creating our ultimate dreams.

Being asleep is a matter of conditioning. Over centuries we, as a collective consciousness, have ingrained many false beliefs into our experience which, of course, have become our reality. These false beliefs or ‘Earth Plane Propaganda’ as I call them have permeated our consciousness very deeply. These false beliefs have built in mechanisms of fear, doubt and insecurities that prevent us from opening our eyes to other possibilities.

Mass Hypnosis

We are all, in a sense, in a state of mass hypnosis. It is this control and manipulation that the ‘powerful minority’ have learned to use to their advantage. Those in power, whether it’s religious or societal, understand that keeping the masses asleep or in fear enforces one very important illusion, that the 1% of them is more powerful than the 99% of us. A very powerful and grand illusion indeed.

And what do we do? We point our fingers in anger and rage. We blame our governments and big businesses. We spread conspiracy theories like wild fire. But this only serves to weaken us and empower their illusion.

How? By creating more of the illusion that they have power over us. By the way, it is usually the ones in power who spread the conspiracy theories to keep us off balance and frightened. So, those of us who spread conspiracy theories are actually playing into their hands. We believe we’re helping each other, but we’re actually digging the holes of fear even deeper.

Taking Responsibility

Let’s point the fingers back at ourselves. We have put these people in power. We have created the governments and the businesses and the religions. They are merely reflections of our own collective consciousness. And they can only reflect back our own fears, doubts, and insecurities.

It is we who must change first, before we can expect to see the changes around us. This is what awakening is all about. It’s about taking responsibility and reclaiming our own power.

We are beginning to understand that the exact opposite of everything we’ve been taught is true. It is actually the 1% of those in power who are constantly living in fear of losing control.

Pull Back the Curtain

They have created this illusion of power to hide their own insecurities, fears and weaknesses. They are scratching, biting, and fighting any way they can to stay there. They don’t mind us fighting back. Fighting is what they do best. And it’s the fighting that keeps us on edge and in fear.

They only fear one thing and one thing only. They fear us waking up. Once we pull back the curtain on them we see The Wizard of Oz as a frightened little man, not the monster he created to scare the masses.

So where are we now?

How are we doing?

Is there hope for us?

As we look around we still see wars, violence, economic chaos and so on. It may seem to some that we are not changing for the better at all. But, let’s please understand one very, very important aspect of waking up. There are now seven billion spirits on this planet. More than ever before. That means that there are also many more of us who are waking up than ever before.

We Are the Power

Positive energy, by its very nature, outweighs negative energy by a great degree. Yes there are still less of us who are waking up than not. But, it is the increased number of us at this historical moment in time that is actually tipping the scales toward more positive energy than negative energy for the first time ever on this planet.

Yes, we are experiencing a grand awakening, a grand powerful, positive shift. This is why so many spirits have dropped in at this time. It’s an exciting time. It’s a fantastic time. Know that every one of you is making a difference. Know that you don’t need to fight to make changes. Know that it is our awareness and self-empowerment which will create new ideas and paradigms to take the place of antiquated ones that no longer serve us.

We truly are the power. Let’s use our powers positively. Let’s use our powers wisely. We don’t need to overthrow our governments. We need to enlighten them. They are us. As we open our eyes, see ourselves more and more clearly, and reclaim our power, they will have no choice, but to change.

But it starts with us. We can only create what we are the reflection of. We have always had the power. We’ve just forgotten.

It is indeed time to wake up and remember. It is time to take responsibility for the world we created. It is time for change.

Love, Peace, Enlightenment, and Self-Empowerment to all.

Eric Allen

author of The New Way and The New Awakening



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