#Source speaks channelling

today when a friend had a forum post matty with a picture of a boy crying wolf, and awesome new interpretation

I suddenly got a feeling of what lies a head

so of course had to share till soon it happens , lo longer worrying about censorship as long as it is on the positive wave length of helping

“””I try to focus on what we can do now by focusing on the positive, optimistic side of life

Love each other support each other, share ideas,

….. I listen daily now to my own inner source…..

I see us growing communal gardens of food for all to share very vivid, just as u and I are talking now

I see the water being cleansed and cleaned by different interplanetary races,

I see the a big sense of oneness feeling of being connected, ie where you leave off I begin

I see parades of people cleaning up neighborhoods of garbage

i see depos where u can bring things that need to be fixed appliances,lawnmowers

we all take turns helping these stations and volunteering our time there for free ,

this is what I see love and light laurie


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