#soul families

“When we return to earth I feel we do reconnect with our prior #soul families, SOUL FAMILIES: Just as you experience families in your lives on the Earth, you experience families at the Soul level. Quite often you are accompanied in your physical life with one or several members of your Soul Family. These members might be actual members of your physical family or friends that may feel even closer to you than your

#soulfamilies resonates strongly with me more so that twin flames or soul mates “laurie

actual family members. A Soul Family member will occasionally reflect you something “unpleasant” as a mirror to assist you master yourself….Like Souls, Soul Families can make contracts with each other, and most often their roles are “friends” and “enemies” as seen on Earth. When you meet a member of your Soul Family, you feel like you already know this person….With your Soul Family member, the connection can be so close that you can communicate without words, sensing what the other is feeling and responding accordingly…Quite often, you switch roles with each other from one life time to another. In one, you may be the Child and your learning partner is your Parent, in another life, the roles may be reversed. In yet another life you may experience life as Siblings. You can also switch gender from one life to another, to master both your feminine and masculine sides, Yin and Yang….In Soul Family relationships you always feel at home in your Heart.



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