Ring finger

Links: Little finger disability of life information, energy, Sun, vitality, beginning, birth, prenatal and Bardo self-realization.

Ring finger feeling blockades, affection, love in childhood, moon, feeling, soul, I making to the third year of life, intuition, maternal imprinting finger learning behavior, conflict of emotions, intellectual beginning of the child’s school. Mercury, mind, rhythm, language, events and loads to the sixth year of life, memory of emotions, communication index finger expression of filial consciousness, loads the bore axis, spine, blockage of inner and outer perception, head abdominal problems, Vorpupertät, Venus, love, eroticism, beauty, events, and loads to the ninth year. Blockade between belly and head brain through permanent emotional patterns thumb lung, nose, teeth, lymphatic, reaction field of vorangegenange-polar disorders, unconscious emotional response, not to the before remembers, Mars, energy, will fight, onset of puberty to the twelfth year. Not satisfied the people programme now comes to the reaction.

___Right thumb impact of… Perception is disturbed inside permanent reactions by the previous burden of childhood. Jupiter, luck, wealth, wisdom, completing the three-part puberty. Physically 16, mental 18 mentally 24, Fortune wealth and wisdom can only by continuous reaction thumb reach.

—-Forefinger physical situation of the spinal column, expression of the now awareness, processing the past still stored implicit stress and emotions. Generates ruck on the spine. Saturn, restriction, inhibition, destructiveness. I can neither understand nor solve the past conditioning’s.

—-Middle finger loading of all feelings and emotions in the now. Can not let go of the past. Ruminants syndrome. Uranus, break, change, change. When dominant strain remained in the now. Can not move in the time stream forward.

—-Ring finger all the feelings and emotions of the before that congregate here. Feeling of interference changes head basin. Neptune, deception, illusion, decomposition, sacrifice. The individual programmed of man here learns a special Zereissprobe.

—-Little finger here is the man in what previously was caught, extreme accumulation of conflicts. Pluto, collectively, pressure, power, ego, exhale, death, change of personality text after Markus Wunderlich Bild Internet (Translated by Bing)

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angie m

OOOHHH LOve this!! Thanks sista<3
laurie (Mod)

Welcome Angie m
laurie (Mod)

mabey that is why I am having so much trouble with my right ring finger hmmm back to pause and reflectio

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