My Astral Travel Experience

being raised as catholic I always envisioned the persona of my source to be ***.

I now believe it is called source.I believe we live many lives, I believe we live many lives all at once past present and future as in out on a limb by shirley Mclain

My only out of body experience that went past my bedroom very intense.

I had been practicing a method taught to me.. I was to meditate every night and imagine myself looking back at myself from the corner of the room I started to be able to imagine this

I was taught anything worth doing the mind needs 30 days of practice.

I was married my husband was sleeping beside me so Id say aprox 30 years ago we often went to weekends called mind awareness weekends of meditating

I met my husband on such a weekend / I was nineteen my brother took me to another of these mind awareness weekends

this time I told him I would meet the man Id marry at this one. and I did . the room was packed with medatators people I knew

eventually being involved with this group the facilitators wanted us to run them.

in a packed room of medators I tried to find a place to sit I walked to the back of the room and a man sitting in a chair asked me to sit in his lap and so I did I ended up marrying him. I was a prude prior but I did not want to stand for 3 hrs

the night of my first and only astra travel. I got in a meditative state 13 years into the marriage

I felt relaxed calm I could see myself looking back at myself than knowing the aca cord protects me my body floated up and I allowed myself to see feel and hear all that transpired

I was than walking along a sandy path a large group of robed people were chatting .the air was fresh,warm .I was wearing a robe I felt I was female I could see my hands and bare feet.being social I tried to start chatting to all these people like a page out of the bible…I looked up and saw a man talking to the people they were holding on to his every word like gold. He looked like ***

I felt immense ;love being there . He turned around and looked at me and kindly but bluntly said you are not suppose to be here,you need to go back. I felt deflated but knew i must obey this kind emanating person. I saw myself slowly come back to my room could consciously see my husband sleeping on the bed and slowly lay back down in my body

I remember it like it was tod


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