purple-butterfly-wallpaper copyThe Morphogenesis Chamber is a high frequency, group consciousness field to assist our collective biological shift into the new morphic resonance of harmonic unity and multidimensional living.

Created and sustained by the living intelligence of group coherence, this high frequency container offers an ideal environment to receive and transfer our self-realized codes and divinity imprints to each other.

Likened to an atomic accelerator, the Chamber’s sustained intention facilitates the acceleration of our evolutionary momentum into the expanded DNA superhuman blueprint.

Personal Benefit and Opportunity

A support system for your shift into the new morphic resonance

Continued light body activation while in the group harmonic

An opportunity for repetitive re-programming with people of like mind

Give a big boost to your life synchronicities and desired manifestations

Strengthen development of your extra sensory perception

Activate latent codes and expand your DNA template

Deepen the connection to your inner Divine Presence

Continue clearing/purifying/balancing/expanding your energy bodies

Direct experiences of Unity Consciousness

… and more!

How to Participate

1. This is a group meditation taking place every Sunday at 8pm across all time zones. If you cannot make 8 pm, please choose your own time on this day.

2. Check our Facebook page on Friday or Saturday for the specific group focus and any instructions.

If you do not use Facebook, please review the latest Children of the Sun Foundation article found in our BLOG. The realizations you experience from the article and supporting audio are precisely what we are transmitting to one another.

3. Set your intention to connect and we will see you in the Chamber.

See more FAQ here

How do I connect to the morphogenesis chamber?

Does it cost anything to participate?

Can I still participate if I can’t make the designated time?

Are audios necessary during the chamber transmission?

The Morphogenesis Chamber is here to help us dissolve the deeply embedded programming that keeps us locked in a time-code reality of degeneration, lack and limitation. This is done through constant, repetitive and focused activity.

As we allow ourselves to be used by Divine Presence in this way to transmit the truth from the sacred core of our being, we can raise each other up to changeless knowing of our eternal nature.

We hope that you will join us.

© Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation, Inc. You have permission to share our free public information as long as it is offered at no cost, it is not altered, and the proper credt is given to this Foundation.

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