#Meditating with a group

I would plan a eve for a few members to meditate at the same time

Than we would share our collective afterwards, Ie what we saw ect, sometimes someones

experience would bleed through or merge with anthers experience

Even if mediators lived allover the globe,

also It did not matter what time we started , In India versus canada we are 12 hours apart yet the experience shared could be felt at the same time, so the actual time someone layed down and meditated for ie 30 min did not matter

ongoing ideas to group meditate, in my events called

dream,vision,empath,meditation,share at discussions

patti parker was

looking for more clarification for beginners #medatation you need to trust in yourself

Excellent patti I had medical issues that kept me from meditating mymind would race and I could not focus,

and I had one obe,now since i started su I no longer have insomnia. if you read my carefully explained post in events and or my page Dream,vision,empath/meditation share.When I was learning meditation I was taught to continue for as many consecutive nights as possible…#stilling the mind is the hardest part.

I learned that I have to literly say prior to meditation wether alone or with a group,,,and I have lead group dream shares in my life , soo I say I value my thoughts

Thoughts I will continue with you tomorrow. than begin the rest of the part i put in my dream post. always remember this is your experience , keeping a log book duotang folder and pens or markers with hooks to attach to the duptang, Once you have completed your meditation, Jot down some keywords of what you thought or felt , Remembering once you reach this peacefull state, where u are protected with highest intent, you can always come back to this safe place., and repeat process to infinity

often one of these videos of meditation music are good in the background, I let family know I am meditating, I often set a pillow outside my bedroom not to interfere with this inner work


There is incredible potential in all of us. see if this helps dear patti (angel1). also the group you are sharing the meditation with are awesome. last night our dear friend ronette saw a blue star that lifted us all up,I could see the star but fell asleep,soulfire I often sense is cleansing with her feather,R frost often has her guide nethanial a beautiful guide.people join with the highest intent, highest unconditional love, ross often comes with his inner child and runs around and plays and collects flowers for us all.

I think being friends with everyone in the medation helps,, and It is helpful to look at the list of su names that are joining in that night blessings and see u there, Practice practice practice…

also if u reade my blog one day on how I saw my source , it explains a 30 day process i took to get there


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BigPicture Questions

Wow! This sounds like an amazing shared experience. Well done! 🙂
laurie (Mod)

Thanks Big Picture I have been doing group meditation now for 10 days but off and on in my page since feb (hug-2) for your feedback

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