#Dreamshare sharing dreams


have a 4 year old. She is not shy in expressing her gifts and often talks telepathically with me even during sleep. She reads minds, hearts and spirits without effort (which can be akward for many). My mother has discovered exactly how gifted she is lol. So often at times she has nightmares as she has not yet worked out the difference between the worlds. I get interrupted sleeps most nights due to her sleeping in my bed for safety and comfort. It’s definitely a shared dream experience. 3 yrold alsorie:wonderfull


laurie:can i share your dream share with daughter in dream share so awesome

Natalie:Aww, it’s not always wonderful lol. I had my 3 year old son wake up half off his bed crying so in bed he hopped with me. My 4 year old came to my crying telling me she saw me die in her dream. It’s hard to explain to a child when they see such events. They do not have this kind of trouble elsewhere but this house. So my work is doing a cleansing

laurie:tell your daughter when u die in a dream only means mom has a change in her life old pattern died not mom

Natalie:Yeah I did lol it still is upsetting for her. I understand it completely and soon she will also heart

laurie:sooon she will luck to have a mom like u

laurie:1:27pmi had a dream recently a bear killed me and not worried ofr that vewrysame reason


Wallace Ching

John J Higgins

Aesthetic Consci…

Dan Waters

Barry Gregory

Bindu Johnson

Grace Akasha

Benjamin Downey

JC Gordon

Drew Arrington

Altieal (Meagan …


Roderick Shelton

Alper Erdinc

Ed Win



my sons names ar emichael dave and john and my grand babyname is olivia what is your daughter and son first name


i bet they love to swim


One of my daughters is a member of this site Laurie. The one who had the polar bear dream. You may be friends with her. Her name is Leshelle. My other two youngest who are toddlers are named Tristan and Kylie smile heart


pretty names



Yes, she say’s you are on her friends list smile


awesome so the polar bear dream gal was Leshelle

am i allowed to know her spiritual unite name\

id poonly chat in private if she ever contacted me

what is her spiritual unite name


It is Leshelle. Like me she uses her real identity here.


yes so do i

what a lovely name how old is she

old enough to type i guess

u must be so proud


She is 17 smiley-lol


i have an 18 yr old son he has not started su yet


2:03pmI am. My children and I are very close. Truly blessed heart

not everyone can connect at same time

important thought to remember

Antares I Love ******

I venerate Archangel Michael and feel that I was sent here as one of His Own.



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You and I Love ****** like this.

I Love ******

I Love AngelsWow…that is soooo awesome!!!

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laurieooo never knew that about rarely showing su friend antares cause he is busy inventing ,

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