#Dreamshare meditation group

ronette in dream share sees orbs,and other things

Mithun is co creator of original #dreamshare idea

Ekpo when i see him in dreamshare i see silvery light around him like protecting the group.

ahh getting the hang of posting as I go

soulfire I often see circles of coloured light around her, Until one night , Ross and I saw fire around her. was really cool

kfrost often has nathanial a guide I see when she is in dreamshare

my clouds often look like a air land mix

I thank all the ongoing efforts of all the participants in #dreamshare #events or #dreamshare page

Posted in: dream share
Mirror Living

I like this! Great idea Laurie! Let me know when the next one is happening.
laurie (Mod)

very help full instructions debs tyvm (heart)
Susan (Admin)

Great post Laurie, thanks(smile5)

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