#Devine love within


subject: Divine light within, morning. Meditation message

In my inner moments is reflection

I am the divine source within

Source says

I am your beacon of light

I am Filling you

Back up with unconditional


Listen to the wisdom of my. Inner source

No matter what dogma or religion

I am that

In your heart and soul

I allow myself to feel this inner


I allow myself to heal from all past hurts ,

I have forgiven myself for all past hurts given

Or received.

I allow my heart chakra

To open

and gently release any held on to regret.

I let go hurts of the past,

I allow gentle feelings of heat or pain to be released from my chest,

To make room for all My divine-love to fill u back up.

There is no need to search for ****** god Mohamed,ext

(Every religion dogma spiritual god). Insert here….)

Outside yourself.

I am in you I

Always have been .

I am your high

Self. I am everyone you have ever touched in this life past presant and future …together

We are healing each other choosing to raise frequencies.

there is a lot of tesla love energy type spirals around. we are connected to these layers of rotating frequencies

We are combined pure love

We are our brothers keeper

Each friend is an extension of u

Returning to the source

I am worthy

I have forgiven myself for any

Perceived wrong doing

I forgive my parents they did the best they could

[img]http://www.spiritualunite.com/file/attachment/2014/08/818a571b4d107cb4c576fbd33cc846c1_view.jpg” alt=”” class=”parsed_image” /

Remember u chose them for the lessons they would teach.

When I see myself weeping in dream state

I am remembering your

Love the love that has always filled me

I choose to awaken and remain in the now.

I accept

Your abundant love and all it brings.!!!!!

I will no longer deny the love u bring to us all .

our cups fill with your blessings

Love ,inner healing

I encourage my friends and family to feel this bliss love and inner healing,

How ? u say..

Observe and act now today on

Those moments when we are in a hurry to go about our day and our loved one or friend says dear can u do this one more


go here or do that?

But often we are too busy with our life making a living or raising a family to take those extra few minutes of our time to stop the preprogrammed train ride of our life to rekindle

The flame ..rekindle the hope do that small task or go to that place or event that means a lot to that person today or this week.

We can choose to listen to there plead.

Pay attention to me .. We here

love me again .,stay in this relationship.

Stop just making do.

I choose to stop living relationships like a comfortable slipper.

I choose to say what matters to me and be damned the fallout.

I have repressed my feelings so long I have

Forgotten where I end and u begin.

I choose to nourish this relationship with myself or my partner .

I choose to love again.

I am fulfilled

I allow myself to fill up to overflowing of love

,light, kindness ,,generosity so I may share this bliss with all who I meet

Written by Laurie


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