Dealing with loss


My mom has now died of #cancer

my mom holding me as a new baby third child of 7

#cancer takes friends from our arms and rips them from our hearts

We the survivors live on after the C word diagnoses


a sample of a random patient arm with this fantastic portable therapy

she died young at 70 not fair 6 months later her sister died of the same #cancer

My mom on my wedding day

My mom never drank or smoked in her life

my mom and I on my second born christening day

We live on in loving memory of what they taught us

Thanks Anwer Motwada for posting about #cancerhttp://www.spiritualunite.com/blog/8002/16-a-cance…

My mom remains in Me

my mom here at 70 2 weeks before she died with my dad and youngest son

we were blessed she could walk till the day before she died

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