DAILY #mindfulness/#surya #yoga practice


img_3899Daily ongoing ,I have this selftalk poster laminated in my bathroom and beside my pc


I focus on the bottom right phases I can I will It is done


When I wake up in the am I say my daily prayer “dear Jesus , Babaji,shri herold ,guai, souce… Guide me that I may be a t the right place at the right time say the right thing or say nothing at all”

Than I turn on my free iphone 5 app call insight timer this motivates me , been doing now for 122 days in a rowwimg_3908

these #mindfulness meditations give me pure bliss, removing me from the material world,

putting me  with   Spiritual natural Oneness,

This is a new process for me.in my spiritual development

This promotes better focus that I act on.

Next I go to utube and turn on #pranayama breathing,


Next I go to 12 Assisnas yoga but wednesdays I go to a live local yoga


Next I eat a light breakfast, than go walk in nature near me


I express gratitude through out the day



I often watch live eagle nest


I interact with my adult son


Motherly encouragement,listen to how his day went.

Than I check my twitter, face book,utube,instigram pages

I help on line with various mental health , and positive attitude groups,

My confidential group and chat are called mental health dropin, anyone can ask to join


I love Encouraging others , support listen and share.



Soon prepare for bed and start all over a gain


express gratitude to the universe again


Most evenings I visit another fre uplifting website called www,spiritualunite.com,

<a href=”http://www.spiritualunite.com/”><img style=”border:0;” src=”http://www.spiritualunite.com/static/image/banners/728-banner-2.jpg&#8221; alt=”www.spiritualunite.com” width=”728″ height=”90″></a></p>

I am a moderator on there and we have 10,000 visitors






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