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Surya Yoga R/T improving Mental health

, I had a candid chat with mental care professional Laurie Watkins on ‘Surya Yoga and Mental Health’ where she shared her story with ‘Yoga and meditation’. At the end of chat, she went through the Surya Dhyana meditation [29:30] , and she found it ‘blissful and peaceful’, and she can actually experience solar energy inside herself, and flowing in the whole body.

Surya Dhyana, is an wonderful process of meditation, and it helps to calm mind, and release those happy hormones, in our body, that create both wellness and happiness. I have uploaded the sound file for my facebook friends and students who have not done Surya dhyana till now. It is the first time the Sri Joydip Ashram, is releasing any podcast, related to Surya Yoga online . So , it’s an great opportunity to experience some gems of Surya yoga, sitting in your home at comfortable position.

 Sri Joydip is an excellent teacher of meditation surya yoga and we had a great discussion on mental health east meets west



I had the honor to have a frank discussion with Sri Joydip, the views expressed are my own.Nurses are not allowed to diagnose or prescribe, This opinion of mine does not replace the importance of seeking your Doctor or psychiatrist for treatment and or Advice

Discussing ideas R/T improving #mental health #initiatives #worldwide

I highly encourage people with mental health concerns to call their local Hospital,social worker,professional caregiver.Being a live podcast I had no time to rehearse my answers

L. Watkins RPN/PNA

self talk



DAILY #mindfulness/#surya #yoga practice


img_3899Daily ongoing ,I have this selftalk poster laminated in my bathroom and beside my pc


I focus on the bottom right phases I can I will It is done


When I wake up in the am I say my daily prayer “dear Jesus , Babaji,shri herold ,guai, souce… Guide me that I may be a t the right place at the right time say the right thing or say nothing at all”

Than I turn on my free iphone 5 app call insight timer this motivates me , been doing now for 122 days in a rowwimg_3908

these #mindfulness meditations give me pure bliss, removing me from the material world,

putting me  with   Spiritual natural Oneness,

This is a new process for me.in my spiritual development

This promotes better focus that I act on.

Next I go to utube and turn on #pranayama breathing,


Next I go to 12 Assisnas yoga but wednesdays I go to a live local yoga


Next I eat a light breakfast, than go walk in nature near me


I express gratitude through out the day



I often watch live eagle nest


I interact with my adult son


Motherly encouragement,listen to how his day went.

Than I check my twitter, face book,utube,instigram pages

I help on line with various mental health , and positive attitude groups,

My confidential group and chat are called mental health dropin, anyone can ask to join


I love Encouraging others , support listen and share.



Soon prepare for bed and start all over a gain


express gratitude to the universe again


Most evenings I visit another fre uplifting website called www,spiritualunite.com,

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I am a moderator on there and we have 10,000 visitors






Support for self or others

living one day at a time

  • As a nurse mother of 3 , sibling of 7, grandma of 2
  • And a bipolar type 2 survivor
  • I have a Facebook group called circle of trust private page and chat group
  • I encourage people to connect in happy times and not so happy times
  • Feel free to connect with my home page on Facebook
  • I am Laurie Watkins
  • My private Facebook page is
  • Circle of trust chat room
  • Mental health dropin
  • My twitter page is Laurie wa…..
  • I love insight timer app and connect there
  • I have a utube page also
  • I have a instigram page ,Laurie Watkin there
  • http://www.spiritualunite.com is a awesome place to connect
  • Namaste