Resharing alexandrias how to ground and shield


Balance, centering, and protective boundaries are key to having a healthy life in every way, shape, and form. Two really important and vital techniques for maintaining that healthy balance and boundary are Grounding and Shielding. There will always be dark/negative people, energy, toxins, etc in the world and universe. However, we are in control on how we can handle these energies and toxins. We have the choice to create healthy boundaries from these things. Grounding and Shielding are very effective techniques to use against negative energies and toxins in the universe.

How to Ground: First, what you need to to is to get yourself into a comfortable position either outside barefoot (it could be in the dirt, grass, gravel, mud, etc), out in a walk or outside in nature, meditating, taking a bath/shower, etc. Next, envision yourself as massive oak tree. Envision big, long, sturdy, strong, roots filled with light, love, and peace going deep into the earth. Let these roots grow all the way into the earth’s core. Also, here is a tip I have for those who want to learn to align their chakras and ground at the same exact time. While your are envisioning yourself being that massive oak tree with gorwing roots, also envision seeing this light etheric cord grow from your Crown Chakra going all the way through your feet to the earth, and within that etheric cord, envision all of your chakras being evenly aligned.


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