light workers kharma healers

repost with permission of shaman cloud

we are shamans /light workers/healers/pegans/wiccans/
so when does love and light feed people it dont!!!
when do we do the good works that we have been charged with for the gearter good of all.
when do we add to the karma bank ?
when do we do the good deeds that we talk about every day?
and why dont i?
when does shoulda woulda stop and we truely help some one in need/
i went hunting this morning to feed my faliy and yet i asked for help befor i broke the law no one would be there no one came so i did what i needed to do to feed my family then there came another family three sets that were hungry so i sharedd with them what i had..
in so helping others i helped my self ….do not post a commit till you think about what im asking first blessings


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