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Livers     cancer (like with mom) do not usually respond well with drugs in the over 55 club. Usually the liver’s enzyme bank account is mostly depleted by then. Aging and age related diseases pick up speed as a result at 55 yrs. As the “Raw Energy” book explains – (paraphrased)  ‘living green chlorophyll (fresh green juice) begins to refill the empty enzyme tank in the liver. Then these ‘new’ enzymes turn into white cells to fight disease in sick people and/or reduce the histimine levels to fight inflammation while also enabling the body to break down accumulated stored unprocessed waste & chemicals” (usually stored in ‘lumps’ or fat). The immune is then strengthened. When the enzymes in the liver are low you are NOT ABLE to stimulate the immune as there is nothing to stimulate! That’s when to add the green juice is NECESSARY!! R
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Several factors cause inflamation usually.  Since the nutrition answers prove part of the cure in the 100 + small clinical trials shown in the book “Raw Energy” people#Green-Juice-CACBC- SHOULD have been open to look at this. BUT since you can’t make money off nutrition cures (can’t patent food) no company will invest $250,000,000. to pay for a large clinical trial (acceptable to doctors).  http://www.spiritualunite.com/blog/8002/16-a-cancer-reasons-therapeutics/

Therapeutic touch


Another healing modality
Common Effects of Therapeutic Touch
Over thirty doctoral & post doctoral dissertations as well as master theses have been done on Therapeutic Touch. In early 1994, Therapeutic Touch was the recipient of a research grant awarded to alternative therapies by the United States National Institute of Health, Washington, D.C. Research and clinical experience have shown its effectiveness in:

promotion of relaxation and eliciting the Relaxation Response.
reduction of anxiety. #therapeutic #touch


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  1. “The awakening is the purpose. The awakening of the fact that in essence we are light, we are love. Each cell of our body, each cell and molecule of everything. The power source that runs all life is light. So to awaken to that knowledge, and to desire to operate in that realm, and to believe that it is possible, are all factors that will put you there.”001