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I have a page on http://www.spiritualunite.com

May 11 2014 new start of 30 day dream share..anyone else want in,,click discussions new reply and type im in…
Looking for su trusted friends who would like to share 30 eve once u are ready for bed time doesnt matter

your daily things complete and your night ritchuals complete

This is a prgect I have tried on and off with a friend who happens to be a guru gandson named Mithun Bhatt in india

It involves the first few minutes of going to sleep

You envision a clouds scenario you are ontop of the clouds there are 5 masters in white robess at the end of the clouds in front of us. We meet there and dicuss ongoing enlitghtenment

Daily for 34 days chat or drop a few sentices of what you saw felt heard

always with hisghest intent for all involved.

Grounded to begin with and before you fall asleep close off by gently clapping your hands


See if I get any takers

all is needed is permission

so far enrique,antares,voyerager are interested


Some ppl on su have been asking me the routinge step bystep if dream share was a day time activity

I told Debs and others I would post this asap

! turn off phones make sure you have a 15 to 30 min time frame no interuptions,ie youn children napping

I will prompt you to click done on mywall

2 sit comfortably near your computer , a mantra or a repeated word can be used to get u in the mood , Jai mahavibhoshri showed me a fantastic one, if ulisten to his

utube for a few min u can grasp the mantra word, try it you got nothing to lose,, It may be different but what if it does work even if we cannot understand it.


I use this one from the su member Jai say the mantra 33 times a one word enlightened word once completed post done to my wall

3 once you are ready to start the dream share you will have loostened any tight clothing

you will be closing your eyes , you will have palms face up

You will have done a protective prayer that only the highest and best may intaract help observe what ever takes place during the dream share.

click done on my wall once completed the protective prayer , Prayer is one of your own u see yourself grounded your body is safe can can stop meditation at any time.

I use a prayer like this (dear Babaji, Jesus, Paramahanza Yogananda , Sri Herold, Guide me that I may be at the right place at the right time,

Say the right thing or dont sayanything at all. , I will remember all that takes place.

4 I encourage the participants to always use their imagination.. Your eyes will be closed , we imagine we meet on the clouds,

We imagine there are 5 masters on the end of the clouds..that is adzactly what I see at beginning of every dream share so far.

We imagine all participants who have membership in dream share to participate in one form or another, you dont have to be doing it at the same time, still works no mater what time you do this, than once you imagine this you go about your own relaxation, ask the master or guides that came with you a question

knowing you will remember the question and answer

You can go back to this place at any time, this particular dream share is a 40 day one and we are now halfway day 20 of 40

everyones experience is different from this point on,,, You will click done on my wall once you have completed this part which usually takes a min of 15 to 30 min and could potentially take 8 hrs.

lol that is why I perefer to do it at night especially on a day off.

once you and I are back from the dream share we can chat at bottom private chat of su or share as a group on my dream share wall of chat.

5 jot down briefly in a duotang book and or post a brief few lines of anything u felt heard, saw, in the dream share blog post click last entry and post

when you post it helps all participants gage if this is something the like to continue or not.

6 In esance I will try and patent this idea one day,, I can invision going brefore 100, thousand or a million and having everyone do this at once.

I am technically asking you to imagine you are leaving your body astral traveling to the agreed upon [place in the clouds}

Than experience a combined your guides my guides shared experience since it is always of highest intent it involves an open mind and willingness to grow and share so others may learn also and develope abilities that are lying dormant and bursting to be let out…


Last update on May 12, 10:05 am by laurie.
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings

I’m in !

awesome guys see what u see and keep me posted

reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings


starts tonight for 34 nights if u can or start otherwise report here daily no right or wrong about it


may 11 2014 another group starts and we thank you in advance if you continue,also many people who with loving intent join the group and dont care to share their experience are also welcome

Last update on May 12, 10:07 am by laurie.
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings

YOU simply program your mind to remember the events u see hear feel at that plane and share it unconditionly non-judgementally

after a couple night it will be automatic to go to that pace and more have fun with it

Last update on February 16, 5:23 pm by laurie.
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings


night  to u and sweet exploration,dreams

reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
  You like this.
Antares said…

I’m in !

Welcome abourd antares the adventurous one

reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
  You like this.
Enrique said…

Kewl, will do

awesome Enrique glad to have u try this

reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
  You like this.
Enrique said…

Kewl, will do

so glad you will trythis Enrique hugs

reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings

results of lauries dream share incredible

floating light sensations

being a healer my hands started to tingle from the onset than tingling as if awakening all over

I could see the clouds and the 5 white masters

I allowed the experience to develope since being protected

the masters started to approach the group

Enreques group felt like 300 light workers on the left

Antares spirit soul,guides,expression was on the right like a huge ball of light grey and right

i am in the middle and voyager is behind me observing

Prior permission, given so ,surprising to me but happy the masters line got really long 5 looked like 300 plus in a straight line

The masters line was like at the other end of a fooot ball field

antares  guides and Enriques were bot at the side the masters group approached slowly no speaking

the masters group circled our group and I heard one word come

They surged a powerful energy like a vortex of rings surounded us lovingly

It lifted us up above the clouds

we all became as one and ,I felt tears running down my cheeks felt imense love

the equivelant of a celestial hug

I have been taught once ariving to this plane or expression one can always return

my eyes are closed, in medation classes in the past I was taught for 33 days visualize looking back at myself from the corner of the room each night

so looking back at my selfon my physical bed where I meditate or dream share I could see a loving light going aroound me through me

I allowed this expression to unfold with graditude

tonight will be dream share 33 ,thanks for any and all who participated. ideally it is goood if you tell this group u are participating

I seek you or your spiritual formout and make sure u are safe,.namaste

reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
Antares said…

I’m in !

share your dream share here when u have time

day 33 today

reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings

when does this date begin. ?

hello atom eyzer another group starts may 11 2014 if u would like to join us at any time

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