i invented the word #dreamshare and an experience

May 13 2014 second new start of 1 to 30 day dream share.HI i HAD CREATED AN EVENT OF PEOPLE COMING TOGETHER.I do not share this private #dreamshare outside su and ask you do not also.
So far a few ongoing awesome su people have participated in this round of #dreamshare or the last round under #dreamshare @discussions page. Enrique,Roy,wendy,Scottish debs,OREN D.,lISA r,kARMICANGEL,John n hays,Dermot murray,Antares,Belinda D.,ZACHARY,SOULFIRE,MYSELF,,R FROST, ALCYONE STARSEED ,.Ekpo ,ross s.,Elly M.,Mirror living,wafa,ronnette.
RESULTS WILL BE PUT HERE.or on my page #dreamshare @discussions
.anyone else want in,,click discussions new reply and type im in… and or go to events and click attend.
Looking for su trusted friends who would like to share i to 30 eve.
once u are ready for bed time doesn’t matter. you can also do it during the day. Time is irrelevant it still works . the experience will still happen.
your daily things complete and your night rituals complete ,all family obligations are completed prior.
This is a prgect I have tried on and off with a friend who happens to be a guru gandson named Mithun Bhatt in india

1 It involves the first few minutes of going to sleep or prior to sleep. I have also done this just upon awakening just before you put your feet on the floor , most effective if you are in that dreamy state the ego interferes less.
You envision a clouds scenario
2 using your imagination you start out by agreeing to meet at the same place
3 you are on top of the clouds there are 5 masters in white robes at the end of the clouds in front of us. We meet in this pre dream like meditative state .Your guides angels helpers, animal totems appear. simply allow your mind to see anything that appears it is your experience.
we meet there initially for people to meet their guides angels helpers,totems,
and discuss ongoing enlightenment
Daily for 1 to 30 days .
4 chat or drop a few sentience of what you saw felt heard in my page thread
5 the meditation /dream share always done with highest intent for all involved.
6 this is under unconditional love, non judgmental premise.
Basically this Is a extremely valued location in your own mind, the best decorated, and often the most beautiful landscape you could ever envision is where we meet in your dream like meditative state.
No gas or cost to get there.
I envision one day to be in large buildings hosting this meditation event however, with peoples busy schedules , (we ) (Meaning lauries guides angel helpers some which are Plaedian based and reptilian) are learning to modify the meditation experience for benefit of all
7 Grounded to begin with and before you fall asleep
8 and most importantly close off by gently clapping your hands once you feel your meditation has ended you need to shut off the experience, the protection is always there.

See if I get any takers
all is needed is permission
——————————————————- —————————————–

type 2 dream share during the day as in a quick meditation and not used prior to sleep is good prior to a nap
Some ppl on su have been asking me the routinge step bystep if dream share was a day time activity
I told Debs and others I would post this asap there is a day time version
! turn off phones make sure you have a 15 to 30 min time frame no interruptions,ie young children napping
If one on one I will prompt you to click done on my wall. if a group type you will follow the process and your high self will always guide you.
2 sit comfortably near your computer , a mantra or a repeated word can be used to get u in the mood , Jai mahavibhoshri showed me a fantastic one, if ulisten to his
utube for a few min u can grasp the mantra word, try it you got nothing to lose,, It may be different but what if it does work even if we cannot understand it.
I use this one from the su member Jai say the mantra 33 times a one word enlightened word once completed post done to my wall
3 once you are ready to start the dream share you will have loostened any tight clothing
you will be closing your eyes , you will have palms face up
You will have done a protective prayer that only the highest and best may intaract help observe what ever takes place during the dream share.
click done on my wall (only if doing a one to one meditation )once completed the protective prayer , Prayer is one of your own u see yourself grounded your body is safe
u can start or stop meditation at any time.
I use a prayer like this (dear Babaji, Jesus, Paramahanza Yogananda , Sri Herold, Guide me that I may be at the right place at the right time,
Say the right thing or dont sayanything at all. , I will remember all that takes place.
4 I encourage the participants to always use their imagination.. Your eyes will be closed , we imagine we meet on the clouds,
We imagine there are 5 masters on the end of the clouds..that is adzactly what I see at beginning of every dream share so far.
We imagine all participants who have membership in dream share to participate in one form or another, you dont have to be doing it at the same time, still works no mater what time you do this, than once you imagine this you go about your own relaxation, ask the master or guides that came with you a question
knowing you will remember the question and answer
You can go back to this place at any time, this particular dream share is a one to 30 day event what ever people choose.
everyones experience is different from this point on,,, You will click done on my wall once you have completed this part which usually takes a min of 15 to 30 min and could potentially take 8 hrs.
lol that is why I perefer to do it at night especially on a day off.
once you and I are back from the dream share we can chat at bottom private chat of su or share as a group on my dream share wall of chat.
5 jot down briefly in a duotang book and or post a brief few lines of anything u felt heard, saw, in the dream share blog post click last entry and post
when you post it helps all participants gage if this is something the like to continue or not.
6 In esance I will try and patent this idea one day,, I can invision going brefore 100, thousand or a million and having everyone do this at once.
I am technically asking you to imagine you are leaving your body astral traveling to the agreed upon [place in the clouds}
Than experience a combined your guides my guides shared experience since it is always of highest intent it involves an open mind and willingness to grow and share so others may learn also and develope abilities that are lying dormant and bursting to be let out…
Last update on May 14 am by laurie.
lauries reiki light to u today

Last update on May 26, 9:28 am by laurie.
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
so may 13 dream share event was posted and my results will be here others are encouragedto post there meditation?dream share results/.

As in other dream/share nights I ask people of like mindedness to meditate just prior to sleep and connect . than share their results. I apologize in advance I find it difficult to explain the process more precisely.

I layed down, after my protection prayer, and Iam usually very sleepy so without allowing myself to fall asleep I start to meditate this dream share process,
I see I am on clouds with my 5 guides than ask my guides to share ideas and look for all invited to the meditation,
In this dream like state the people invited to the dream share begin to interact with me and my guides I dont know how it just happens
I feel very happy my body feels light.an euphoric feeling of bliss and shared love withthe group.I thank all the participants, every ones experience during meditation
differs. your experience is your experience..WHERE 2 OR MORE ARE GATHERED THERE AM I
somehow when 2 people agree to met all our guides helpers totem animals come and participate
i feel breezes on my face where there is no source of breeze in my room. I let go the outcome and ask the guides to show me what I need to see.

1 the first person I saw accompanied by his guides was alcyone starseed
He was sitting on a beautiful black stallion and sharing love and protection to the group
2 than I saw R Frost with her guides,she came with fairies, small angels and she was planting flowers. her guides and helpers were sending immense love to the group.
3 next I saw Zachary. we exchanged a few words telepathically. He was holding a shovel
next I see him his angel and helpers digging holes and planting thousands of seeds(with him being a pastor that made sense to me)
4 Than I saw soulfire with larges hoola hoop sized rings of colored lights her frog and her angels, emanating love to all the group.(yesterday she posted info re frog totems and they symbolize change and possible helping our bodies detoxify.,,,so I felt a type of healing in my entire body cleansing clarifying)
5 Myself I was filling up candle containers with a fluid of some kind .(my interpretation is I allow myself to be filled up with love and light.)
I no longer question what I see just record it no matter what it is, accept all help
I could see the plaeidian ship off to the right. they did not interfere with the others but a few came to me and talked to me telepathically, I do not yet understand what they say however
i still see them as dark and cloaked small friendly beings,I feel immense joy when they are around, non-confrontational , I allow them to interact with me, they send me healing light (some kind of buzzzzzzz effect )I always thank all people who meet me in this dream meditation state. I thank them for their help their love and hope to meet again soon

reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
eally cool Alcyone you were riding a huge beautiful black stalian in dream share with your brilliant guides and helpers standing or hovering beside you
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Alcyone StarSeed likes this.
Alcyone StarSeed
Alcyone StarSeedSo cool! I love horses so that is fitting. I dreamed I was at a wedding. I wonder if anyone at SU is getting married or knows someone who is?
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lauriemay I share your results on my page dear friend
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Alcyone StarSeed
Alcyone StarSeedOf course! This could be interesting.
Last update on June 18, 3:59 pm by laurie.
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings

iN THE DREAMSHARE FIRST I SAW SOULFIRE WITH her angels she was bending down making wide movements with her hands ,there was circular colours around her. Waving her hand as if in some kind of blessing ritual and Cleansing the air around our group with a reed of cleansing smoke
It felt like a purifying and immense love coming from her and her angel

Ekpo came with waves of silvery light folowing him, He was looking around as if searching

there was much love and feeling of euphoria from this gathering…

,,,,,,,later on I fell asleep and got busy in my dream going to different job interviews

My dad was in my dream telling the potential employers all my wonderful qualities…
Than a phone call came the employer had not yet decided if they would hire me.
The other phone call in my dream said no worries if they don’t accept you, you have confirmed work on Thursday with our agency///
my interpretation of my Dream is the universe always does provide
I am soul searching at this time in my life not hurrying to run into the next job. I allow the universe to find the right one for me at this time

In gods time not my time

Last update on May 15, 6:34 am by laurie.
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
may 13 K Frost dream share results

had a really bizarre dream where I was in this celestial world with a lot of lights and orbs.

It was just me and my twin flame, staring at each other for an eternity. Then I woke up.

From what I saw in the dream, it was like I was in a very celestial world, in the middle of the sky, with orbs and colored lights around me
and my tf and I stared at each other for the whole entire time

Last update on July 8, 11:45 am by laurie.
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
may 14 soulfire results
laurie saw (((soulfire)))
bending down making wide movements with her hands ,there was circular colours around her. Waving her hand as if in some kind of blessing ritual and Cleansing the air around our group with a reed of cleansing smoke
It felt like a purifying and immense love coming from her and her angel

——————————————————- ———————————

SoulFire was:
30 minutes ago
Wow! I was cleansing the air with smoke in real life, with my feather which I did for our whole group. Amazing. I again fell asleep before I made it to the clouds. I didn’t remember any dreams last night. Maybe I should try this during the day.
19 minutes ago

Last update on May 26, 6:38 pm by laurie.
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
may 15 dream share event with.wendy,soulfire,Rfrost,Ekpo .myself,ross.

I had a late start do to off and on insomnia
I was in a blissful state, there was a very warm loving feeling emanating from all.
1 I saw soulfire with an angel and she was in a bubble of white light, came with her frog,
(a frog totem can be looked up, )partly symbolizes a possible change in a persons life and she was basking in the glow of the group meditation state.
2 Ekpo and his guide were emanating a type of protection over the group and again had a type of silvery sparkles .
3 R frost was in a glowing circle of white light again with her fairy type guides and small angels . this time she was picking colorful flowers and putting them in an Easter type wicker basket, she was skipping along very happy and appeared to be her inner child in the dream.
4 Wendy was very powerful. the whole area of the clouds were filled with her energy and presence, Hers was the most profound of guides present..It was a male and when I asked for the name he telepathically said jacob… The meditation type feeling tone was more of a kind of meet and greet guides and people. Jacob had a loving presence and filled most of the space.,a glowing yellow energy very kind and protective.
5 Ross was helping R frost to pick up flowers, and seemed to be his inner child running and playing …
Thank you all for participating ,share your experiences when you can

Last update on May 16, 5:59 am by laurie.
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
May 15 – I was greeted by my angel Ariel who takes the shape of a butterfly and she guided me to a sandstone pyramid that had a ray of golden light shining out of the top. I emersed myself in the light and saw a golden lotus eminating rays of golden light at the top of the pyramid. I recognized the lotus as Laurie. I flew down to greet her and she hugged with with her petals then we beamed to the clouds where I saw 5 masters sitting awaiting us. I was trying to think of something profound to ask them and trival things that I could answer myself came to mind. I couldn’t think of anything to ask then I promptly fell into unconscious dream state.

It was lovely to meet you in your beautiful glowing light Laurie.

Last update on May 26, 4:46 pm by laurie.
  You,  and  like this.
soulfire it was good to meet you also in the dream share state so cool we could conect it is always very meaning full
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
May 19 – On the wings of a white dragon who wantd to go to neverland. I asked to be taken to the dream share in the clouds. He said, “Your wish is my command.” I saw the humor in the reference to The Princess Bride. When I made it to the clouds I saw Frost’s snow fox doing the macarana and my bear guide blowing bubbles. I asked the dragon how I could possible tell people what I was seeing it was so weird his message was, “Life is funny why take it so seriously?”

Beside Laurie was an ostrich in a royal cape on it. Laurie was holded a baseball bat and batted the ostrich. I understood what I saw as Laurie batting away fear.

I saw a goat with bright white horns it was a guide of Ben’s. I askd him why Ben got visions he said, “to guide him to where his light was needed.”

Then my little frog made an appearance and we talked about my fear of unknowable change. We also discussed letting go of a friend until that friend came to me with teh keys to their own change.

After all that I was asked by the dragon and goat to go write this all down.

May 20 – I did a brief cleansing and calling then passed out before I could even search for the clouds.

Last update on May 26, 4:53 pm by laurie.
r frost sawmassive linear pyramid
while ronette and i saw the blue star
I saw a pyramid the other day and I noticed that some on this site mentioned a connection to egypt… I have a past life there
i blieve i do to
I’m going to do a poll about it and see who we can connect to…. see like the dream is awakening us to that idea
great look forward to it
did u see pyramid on asu photo or in a dream
In the dream share a few nights ago when you were the lotus on top of it. There was a bright golden light eminating from the top.
awesome may i post that
I did post it somewhere in dream share
hold on I’ll find it
10:17pmwhen u have time no worries if it is a day or soullate the more details the better
which date
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
tonight in new event may 24 day 10 of dream,vision,empath. #meditation,share

so far we have matty rowin R frost Elly Mae Patti Parker Ronette Laurie and mbey ross s.debs,,miracle living

R frost and I have felt awesome of miracle asking jesus to join dream share
I think it is day 10
im grateful for your interest dear
ross says hewill bring a linx guide
Cool guide!
will be interesting eve wow
I am pumped for it
holy cow mirror is inviting jesus
This will be a party!
I’ve seen Jesus astrally
i wonder if he brings his aposles
ill probably cry the whole time
Probably smile
They are standing next to each other
i look forward to you telling her that in a post ohmy
he lights up the clouds like there is no dar
7:54pmHe is a wonderful guide
and was a wonderful starseed
im speach less inever thought of inviting jesus or maohamed or buda i poray to him but dont ask

——————————————————- ——————————–

1#debs scottish debs # reply to dream share…………………….
………………………………………………. …………………………….”..Before I decided to do dreamshare last night with Laurie, I was lying in my bed thinking of sleeping but my third eye was buzzing. When that happens I find myself covering it, because it feels so strong and stops me shutting off. So I decided well I am up anyway and will try the dream share meditation. Afterwards my 3rd eye was closing down. Is there something we can do to calm the 3rd eye or should we just go with it?
View Less”

2 #Debs has shared her experience
Okay so here goes
I start the dreams share asking AA Michael to come with me and send out his blue light of protection. I can feel my nana nearby so I invite her too but I am not sure if she will.
she is being mischievous.
Immediately my hands are heavy with energy balling in them and its shooting upwards.
I feel myself travelling down under a mountain with caves and water flowing through. We are in a boat,canoe and I am standing guiding the boat using a long pole rowing like gondola style. Its dark in the caves but the blue light is lighting the way and I am intrigued. I see RFrost as the blue wolf in the profile pic up on some rocks just looking on. A little further the light and the scene changes and we have natural daylight. There is a shore and a huge elephant matriarch is looking at us flapping her magnificent ears and displaying her greatness. She is not scaring us off just showing us herself. I secure the boat and approach her head bowed in respect. She allows me to come closer. She shows me her front left leg is hurting by raising it. Its coming from the shoulder joint at top of leg. I gently rub it and ask her telepathically ti lie down on her side. She does. I soothe her with my voice and rub her shoulder and leg gently. She raises her leg and shows me her heart area. She tells me telepathically her heart hurts. She has lost her family. I place my hands there and feel a shock running from my right hand all the way up and across to my arm and chest. Right to my heart. I feel a pain in my heart and know she is sharing her feelings with me in a heart to heart connection. Its amazing. I tell her I am very sorry for her and hope she finds her family again. I feel my nana nearby and she is telling me time is up time to wake up. I see the elephant change to a mule then a gazelle and she gets to her feet and jumps away fast and spritely. I feel a white light surrounding me as I come to in my bed and clap my hands to end the dream meditation. My hands are normal again.

Lauries Reply to #Debs #dreamshare

Debs that is an awesome dream share , empathy amazing,Debs I love your blue light of protection,It looks like your nana was protecting you in your dreamshare,cool,
I love your gondala vision., Miracles photo seems to depict it,I like how u went to r frost
than you healed the elephant how cool,I love how your nana told you to end the session
you had white light around you and you did remember to clap your hands to close off
So awesome thanks for joining us.
It feels like a very positive 3dreamshare experience for you and the group much blessings

welcome all feel free to write your experiences here ,

Last update on May 23, 7:50 am by laurie.
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
Debs that is an awesome dream share , empathy amazing
reiki light healing ,protection to all i meet blessings
I see Jesus and the white robed masters on the clouds. They tell me to look up. Jesus tells me that all the worlds that we have created are created by God. We are God ourselves as well and the Master’s, ascended master’s and other spirit guides are all trying to help us connect the two worlds. The one’s we created as God and this reality. I see light glow from my third eye, eyes, and my heart. They are ask me where the clouds are as I look up. Inside or out. Then Jesus tells me to share this now so that I won’t forget everything.

I open my eyes and share the meditation.

I apologize for not being observant enough to look around for all of you. This was a quick meditation. About 10 minutes and maybe that had something to do with it.

Thank you all!

God Bless

Truth Shall Be Shared Because It’s Inherited Within Us All
Debs I found this just now I felt it looked so close to what you described during your meditation/dream. I just wanted to share this with you.

——————————————————- ———————————-
Mirror living shared sheused rose quartz merkaba in her hands when doing #dreamshare

Last update on May 28, 9:01 pm by laurie.
Truth Shall Be Shared Because It’s Inherited Within Us All
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