Having, doing and being

Brilliant well-being


Who you are determines what you have; however, what you have does not imply who you are (even if it may change the manner you are perceived by others). This can be explained with few simple examples.

  • Owning a very expensive car. Having an expensive car does not mean being an effective or talented person: maybe this person comes from a rich family, is a car dealer or won the car at the lottery.
  • Having children. A person can have children, but how much time this person spends for their well-being and growth? Having children does not imply being a mother or a father, if this person does not look after them.
  • Having a stunning body and a beautiful face. A person, instead of being happy of having this beautiful body, may become arrogant, obsessed by beauty or may feel constantly the pressure of having the attention of others.
  • Having…

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