My type of Meditation, Meditative Walking/Running, and Mind-Body Exercise


All forms of meditation involve over breathing or controlled hyperventilation. This takes more carbon dioxide out of the blood in the form of carbonic acid which will make the blood more alkaline.  This will have a relaxing affect on the body and tend to slow down ones metabolism.   Hyperventilation is not healthy when taken to extremes or when out of control, but that is true with so many things.  The medical community seems to see only the negative side of hyperventilation at this time.  The medical community often just focuses on unhealthy people and have not done enough studies of  meditative practitioners that benefit from using controlled hyperventilation in their breathing techniques.  One can find articles on the internet that challenge the way the medical community view all forms of hyperventilation.  The medical community can scare people from doing what it takes to get the most benefits from meditative…

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Guest Blogger: Mike’s Dream

awesome poem for bretts blog

Brett's Future


Special thanks to the fabulous Mike D. for this wonderfully poetic & thought provoking dream. You can catch Mike on Twitter, his handle is @DailyDoober.

A special word to you. Yes you, you know who I mean. You, the person that was moved by Mike’s Dream. You’re thinking to yourself right now, I know I can feel it. Your thinking to yourself, wow that dream was amazing, the guy who wrote it is amazing. You know what, your instincts are correct, he is amazing & you owe it to yourself to get in touch with him. There is no chance from here to infinity that a soul as bright as that of Mike D. would ever have to be forced to walk alone. Not in my reality, not in Brett’s Future. So go on you, dream a little, get in touch with him, you never know where providence just…

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